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    Gestión de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales

    Health&Safety Management

      Certified Health&Safety company with National Coverage

    • • Risk assessment and prevention plan.
    • • Safety at Work.
    • • Ergonomics.
    • • Psychosociology.
    • • Industrial Hygiene.

    Health&Safety Management

    Servicios especializados


    Self-protection and emergency plans.
    Integral Safety at events.


    Formación de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales


    Health&Safety programmes:

    • • Online and onsite.


    Coordinación de actividades empresariales

    Business Activities Coordination

    • • Implementation of the coordination system between your company and your clients/suppliers
    • • Documentary exchange management (upload, validation...).
    • • Monitoring and documentary control of access.
    • • Control of the subcontracting chain.

    Business Activities Coordination

    Vigilancia de la salud

    Workplace medicine

    • • Collective and Individual health management.
    • • Workplace Medical Check-Ups.

    Workplace medicine

    What is Health & Safety?

    Health & Safety is the set of actions carried out by all the actors that may intervene in the planning and execution of any work: from Public Spanish Institutions (INSHT, Work Inspection, etc.), companies, workers' representatives or the workers themselves, in order to minimize any risk situation that may cause accidents and work-related illnesses and thus improve the day-to-day health and safety of workers and companies.

    What can we achieve with Health & Safety?

    The main goals of Health & Safety are to train and enable the companies and employees:

    • Reduce accidents and work-related illnesses.
    • Improve work-related health and safety conditions.
    • Create a work climate free of psychosocial risk factors (harassment, stress, burn-out, etc.)
    • Make the workplace more ergonomic and free of musculoskeletal damage.
    • Avoid environmental situations that are harmful to the health of workers (air dust, radiation, fumes, etc.).
    • Promote healthy habits, both in the workplace and within the individual, through medical check-ups and regular health campaigns.

    Some of our clients

    Key points about Health & Safety in Spain

    Currently, all the businesses in Spanish must operate under the the Law 31/95 on Health & Safety, which aims to prevent as many accidents as possible, protect the workers and create healthy work environments.

    Multinational or foreign companies (or Spanish branches from foreign companies) are obliged to follow the Spanish legislation in that regard, which focuses on the following main points:

    Provide work-related medical check-ups.

    Provide Traning Health & Safety training to its employees and manage the workplace medicine collectively.

    Create a risk assessment and prevention plan for occupational risks and hazards, evaluating the jobs and the workplaces.

    Regarding the evaluation of the workplace, how does it work when my employees are teleworking?

    The evaluation and the risk assessment plan also needs to be done in that scenario. Geseme offers a convenient auto-evaluation platform that, after a training session, empowers each employee to evaluate his or her own workplace (i.e. home). After that, an output is created with all the specifics for each case, covering the risk assessment plan.

    Here’s the list of some of the main legislations for specific situations and needs in the Health & Safety Law:

    • RD 486/97 on WORKPLACES.
    • RD 1215/97 on WORK EQUIPMENT.
    • RD 286/2006 on risks derived from EXPOSURE TO NOISE.
    • RD 773/1997 on the use of INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT.
    • Others.

    FAQS about Health & Safety

    Am I obliged as a self-employed person to have the Health & Safety covered?

    Self-employed persons without employees must have the necessary documentation on Health & Safety regarding to their work to be carried out at the client's home for issues related to the Business Activities Coordination. This documentation will be:

    • Evaluation of Occupational Risks, which is the way of being able to provide written information on the risks involved in their work.
    • Job-specific training in accordance with Article 19 of Law 31/95 on Health & Safety.
    • Record of delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

    Self-employed workers with employees are no longer considered self-employed but a company. Therefore, they must comply with the same legal requirements in terms of Health & Safety as any other company.