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The Executive Medical Check Up unit presents a complete preventive medical program in just one morning.

Thanks to stat-of-the-art technology and the professionals of the best medical centres in the country, we set up a specific plan to help each and every single person find out more about their health in record time.

An early diagnosis is a key factor in the treatment of most common pathologies.

Tutored Medical Circuit

Get your medical check-up in just one morning

Executive Medical Check Up

Thanks to our facilities being located within a hospital any complementary test can be carried out in a timely manner without the need to proceed to a different location.

Contact us, and we will help you design a personalised Executive Medical Check-up according to your needs – age, gender, habits, personal and family history.
Any Executive Medical Check-up includes an initial diagnosis followed by a set of specific tests later coordinated by the corresponding doctor who will evaluate all the tests and issue a final report. We want to make sure everyone gets the best treatment in the shortest amount of time possible, that’s why this examination can be done in a single morning and will take just about 4 hours.

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