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Arterial hypertension


(21 % higher than the Spanish average)



(10 % higher than the Spanish average)



(19% lower than the Spanish average)


Arterial hypertension

Weight / BMI

Analytical Alterations:




Liver enzymes

Alterations in electrocardiogram

Respiratory alterations

Musculoskeletal pathologies

Group Health examination

Specific health examination program.
  • Implement of health examination protocols according to every work position’s risks.
  • Group and epidemiological studies of the results of the health examinations.
  • Research of the possible negative effects the work environment has upon employees’ health.
  • Health promotion activities. Collaboration with the National Healthcare System (Article 38 RSP).
  • Epidemiological studies will provide us with information about the health status of the employees and will allow us to design a plan to prevent any occupational related health conditions as well as health and wellness promotion activities.
  • This will also help us obtain information on the possible existence of occupational related afflictions in order to propose measures to avoid them.

Personal Health examination

The Occupational Health Exam is the most complete health check-up within Health Examination. In this our team will evaluate each workers’ health according to the occupational risks they are exposed to. Geseme has the assistance of a wide network of medical centres including, among others, first level health facilities and fully equipped Mobile Units.

Once the health exams have been carried out, the results are analysed both at an individually and group level. The individual exams come with the corresponding Medical examination certificate. While the group tests will be analysed to find a possible connection between the exposure to occupational risks and the damages to the employees’ health.

Our Occupational Healthcare team always do their upmost to ensure the health of your employees.

Geseme Medical and Occupational Safety services

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