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Self-protection and emergency plans

This plan is specially aimed to those companies that organize and manage events with a high risk factor for their location, their popularity and their sometimes massive attendance

The proper implementation of these plans can greatly improve the events safety and, at the same time, reduce the chance of an unfortunate event.

Our team – expert technicians – specializes in the design and implementation of the Self-Protection Plan for places like the following examples:

  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Congresses

Comprehensive security in events

We are specialists in the organization and management of security and protection of attendees at large events

We analyse the capacity of the facility in various ways, always considering the architectural, technological, human and external conditions to guarantee that the self-protection standards against risk situations are met.

All of our centres, and all the activities organised by Geseme are coordinated with the Civil Protection System, ensuring like this the effectiveness of every Emergency Plan. Our team follows these plans throughout the whole process, and is always ready to assist you.

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