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Discover, learn and grow

Our goal is to provide employees with crucial knowledge, skills and a more positive attitude necessary for a safer and more beneficial organizational environment. The training at Geseme goes beyond the requirements of the Occupational Safety Law. We are committed to our students; we want to create the best experience possible while making sure they learn what’s beyond the books.


Geseme’s specialized training centre

We tackle the most challenging challenges in occupational health and safety. Thanks to the large R & D space available, the fully equipped classrooms and facilities, the students experiment in a practical manner our methods while training with state of the art technology.

  • Fire drills
  • Confined spaces
  • Vertical and height work
  • Platforms and forklifts
  • First aid
  • Biomechanics: care for your back
  • Create a Healthy work environment
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Discover, learn and grow

We make the difference

Our trainers are highly qualified professionals, with experience in a broad range of subjects. The day to day of our company becomes an excellent teaching aid for our trainers and a great subject of study for all our students.

After a thorough diagnostic of the needs, we design and choose the appropriate training proposal and delivery plan best suited to the specific requirements of you company. The different training methods offered are the following:

  • In-Company: on-site formative projects, adapted to the objectives and characteristics of the company and the profile of its personnel.
  • On-line: Formative offer that includes the use of new technologies and new pedagogical criteria such as modular organization and self-learning.
  • The extra mile: get all the information you need anywhere from one of our tutors, and finish the course at your own pace on-line.
  • Scheduled: General and specific courses divided in various categories and taught on specific dates and locations and in Geseme facilities.

Our courses can be financed through FUNDAE (Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo) credits, using the the fee all companies pay to Social Security in Spain. These credits are annual and not cumulative. The ones not used in training during a year period will be lost, until the beginning of the following year, when the company will get a new set of credits. Geseme as an organizing entity within the FUNDAE carries out all the necessary procedures to obtain these bonuses.

Our group of professionals not only train the students, but also build a close bond with them. That helps create a better environment that promote the students’ growth and development.

The students and their companies will receive official recognition for their successful completion of the training. Moreover, they will always have access to the registration and attendance certificates, and they will always be able to consult the training resources and materials of all the courses given to their company.

  • TPC
  • Fundación del metal
  • Fundación laboral de la construcción


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